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Vancouver’s Laneway Homes

Laneway homes in Vancouver (Source: Citiscope)

Many cities in this region have goals to provide a greater variety of housing, but struggle to spur development of new housing types. An article on Citiscope┬áprofiles how Vancouver, BC has found some success with “laneway homes”, a variation on the familiar ADU typology – small housing units, typically built behind existing single family homes and, in the Vancouver twist, oriented to alleys.

In the six years they have been allowed, more than 2,000 applications for laneway units have been submitted, and around 85% of those have been built. Vancouver’s affordability challenges are so acute that demand for these homes could be seen to┬ábe a given in any circumstance, but, as outlined in the article, the City has been actively engaged in facilitating their success. For more detail on how this has been accomplished, click below:

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