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Legislative Session Update

We are now more than midway through the 2016 Legislative Session, and there are a few important housing issues making progress.

First, the bill that would establish an additional option for a multifamily tax exemption (MFTE) for housing preservation has passed the Senate! This option would not change the existing MFTE option for new construction, but would add a second tool that would work in a similar fashion. In this case, owners of existing housing would receive a property tax exemption in exchange for keeping a portion of their units at affordable rent levels. While jurisdictions can go further in their own application as desired, the legislation would require a minimum of 25% of units preserved at rent levels affordable to households earning no more than 50% area median income. (Those considered “very low income” and lower) The property must meet all code requirements at time of application (and on an ongoing basis), with a three year grace period for properties to be rehabilitated. Its companion bill, HB 2544, has gone on to the House.

Updates on this session’s other potential housing legislation, including the Housing Trust Fund, prohibiting source of income discrimination, tenant screening reforms, and more can be found on the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Blog.


August Joint Board Meeting

SNOAHG_082615One of the Alliance’s chief goals is to create a venue where a variety of jurisdictions can come to together to learn from each others’ experiences. Last week’s joint board meeting demonstrated the opportunity we have created, with experience flowing within and between AHA’s member jurisdictions and the affordable housing provider community.

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