Mapping American’s Rental Housing Crisis

The Urban Institute has published an interactive map that compares affordable housing data across the United States, displaying the affordable rental housing gap and tracking federal assistance for extremely low-income (ELI) renter households by county. America is currently in the middle of an affordable housing crisis, with rents having risen steadily since 2000, while the number of renters needing affordable housing has increased, creating critical challenges for the nation’s low-income households to try to find affordable housing.

In Snohomish County, there are only 40 units of housing for every 100 ELI households.  In total, there are 9,005 units for ELI households.  In the year 2000, there were 49 units per 100 ELI households, with 6,393 units total.  This shows that efforts to build affordable housing for ELI households is working – but growing need continues to outpace increases in supply.

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