Regulatory Streamlining

For all types of housing, a lack of predictability and clarity in the permit review and approval process can cause unexpected delays and cost increases which may be passed on through higher rents. As a result, cities should consider reviewing their development and permitting processes and regulations to identify potential barriers to development. The MRSC has a list of practical strategies to implement this goal, including many local examples.

As the process to develop affordable housing is different than the standard development process, ensuring that staff involved in the development process (permitting, etc.) understand these differences and how their work relates to them is another related step in eliminating barriers to affordable housing development. In addition, they should be aware of housing options and policy changes in the jurisdiction. An immediate priority for AHA is to develop a “dashboard” of housing indicators and updates for each member jurisdiction on this website. This will be ready by August 2015.

Performance Indicators

  • Average time to issue a permit
  • Change in permits issued over time
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

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