Small Lot Development

Small lot development is when homes are permitted to be built on lots that are smaller than typically permitted in single family neighborhoods. Ordinances to facilitate small lot development include easing minimum lot sizes, setbacks, and lot coverage ratios. This tool can also be applied within specific zoning or overlay districts. As shown in the rendering below, careful design can make this type of development attractive without calling excessive attention to increased density.

Rendering of "Hollyburn Mews", a small lot development in Vancouver, BC
Rendering of “Hollyburn Mews”, a small lot development in Vancouver, BC

Where does this work?

Small lot development is a tool to promote infill development that can work in a variety of neighborhoods, particularly those that are primarily built out with the exception of certain lots that have been cut off by other development, and would otherwise be illegal to develop. It often works in combination with short plats, lot size averaging, planned unit developments, cottage housing, cluster development, and master planned communities.

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