Microhousing/Single Room Occupancy Housing

Microhousing units, also referred to as single room occupancy (SRO) or efficiency dwelling units, are small units for single occupants, typically with shared kitchen and other facilities. While SROs were historically a common source of housing for lower income single people, they fell out of favor in American cities. Today, roommates sharing larger homes has taken the place of this option. At the same time, microhousing units may still be preferable to many individuals over living with roommates.

Where it works

Microhousing is best suited for dense, expensive neighborhoods with excellent access to transit and services and a high portion of single people. These developments are often contentious with neighbors, and will require proactive community outreach. To balance these concerns and ensure the developments will serve the intended population, cities can consider inclusionary zoning policies requiring the units to serve certain income levels.

Performance measures

  • Number of units built
  • Market rents

More information

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