Direct Household Assistance

Jurisdictions have provided direct assistance to households for a number of purposes:

  • Grants, loans, and educational services for first-time homebuyers, including down payment assistance
  • Educational services for prospective buyers and financial guidance for homeowners to prevent foreclosure
  • Payments for rent assistance
  • Grants and loans for home weatherization and repair

For those jurisdictions not able to provide these services directly, another option is to partner with local organizations that provide such assistance, and connect people with these services. The City of Boston, for example, has a useful online resource with all kinds of local housing information and assistance programs in one place.



  • USDA Rural Housing Preservation Grants – grant funds to assist very low- and low-income homeowners in repairing and rehabilitating their homes in rural areas. In addition, the HPG program assists rental property owners and cooperative housing complexes in repairing and rehabilitating their units if they agree to make such units available to low- and very low-income persons. (Current application closing date July 6)

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