Monthly Archives: August 2015

August Joint Board Meeting

SNOAHG_082615One of the Alliance’s chief goals is to create a venue where a variety of jurisdictions can come to together to learn from each others’ experiences. Last week’s joint board meeting demonstrated the opportunity we have created, with experience flowing within and between AHA’s member jurisdictions and the affordable housing provider community.

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Introducing the Housing Indicators Dashboard

I’m happy to present a new tool for better understanding housing conditions in Snohomish County communities – the Housing Indicators Dashboard. The Dashboard is intended to provide the most up-to-date, essential data on housing at a glance, with separate pages for the County overall and all 13 AHA member cities. Expect to see more in this space soon, including interactive maps and options for downloading raw data.

As always, please contact Kristina with any suggestions for how to make this tool more useful.